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DreamVision SFF Office PC Q87

DreamMicro Power Server 2U CB220 Performance Edition

DreamMicro Power Server 2U CB220 Value Edition

DreamBook Style W94HW

DreamVision All-in-One PC 23HW

DreamVision All-in-One PC H81

DreamBook S21 Tablet

DreamVision All-In-One V21HW PC

DreamBook Rugged Tablet TL10a

DreamVision 84" Interactive Touch Screen C84

DreamVision 70" Interactive Touch Screen C70

DreamVision 65" Interactive Touch Screen C65

DreamVision 58" Interactive Touch Screen C58

DreamVision 55" Interactive Touch Screen C55


News Headlines


Pioneer Computers is awarded NSW Government ICT Services Scheme Registered Supplier

Pioneer Computers at Internaitonal ICT Expo Hong Kong April 2014

Pioneer Computers at Australia Week In China April 2014

Pioneer Computers at the China Hi Tech Fair, 16-21Nov , 2013

Pioneer Computers exhibiting Robot at HKE ICT Expo Apr 2013

Pioneer Computers won IF Product Design Award 2013

Pioneer Computers at the China Hi Tech Fair November 16-21, 2012

Pioneer Computers as sponsor to 12th World Firefigher Games

Digital Signage: the picture is bright - CRN Special Report, October 2012

Pioneer Computers Present $76M R&D Project


Reviews & Awards


Pioneer Computers DreamBook Power P17HW - PC Authority Sept 2013

DreamBook Won IF Product Design Award 2013

Pioneer Computers DreamBook Ultra Power W11 - TechLife October 2012

Pioneer Computers DreamBook W15 TechLife October 2012

APC Editor Choice--DreamBook UltraSlim U14, June 2012

Best Buy Award--DreamBook UltraSlim U14 won in PC User June 2012

Best Buy Award: Gaming DreamBook P15--PC User Oct 2011

Pretty Good All-Rounder, DreamBook W15--PC User Oct 2011

Highly Recommended Award: DreamVision Radium Mini Gaming PC- APC Magazine September 2011

Highly customisable All-in-One: Pioneer Computers DH55 review- APC On Line Mar 2011