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DreamRobot Lawn Mower

$2,999 RRP (Inc-GST)


Product Information

Features: Magnetic field assisted navigation technology, High efficiency Zig-zag mowing pattern; Three pivoting razor blades, resulting in unharmed blades; Automatically charges itself when battery lower than 20%; Imported BLDC cutting motor & wheel motor; Patented cutting height adjustment system; Ultrasonic remote object detection technology; IPX-4 waterproof; Built-in safety features


Cutting system 3 pivot razor blades
Navigation mode Magnetic field
Keypad 15 buttons
Handle type Integrated
Timer and Scheduler INCLUDED
LCD screen with setting menu INCLUDED
No Emissions YES
Manages Rough Terrain INCLUDED (Large course-treaded wheels)
Low energy consumption INCLUDED
Waterproof INCLUDED
Emergency switch INCLUDED
PIN code lock INCLUDED
Scheduling function INCLUDED
Anti-Theft Alarm INCLUDED
Easy height adjustment INCLUDED
Station no power, mower can't start INCLUDED
Loop wire open, mower can't start INCLUDED
Out of signed area, mower stop and can't start INCLUDED
Self-charging Optional
Infrared guidance Optional
Ultrasonic sensor INCLUDED
Lift sensor INCLUDED
Tilt sensor INCLUDED
Handle sensor INCLUDED (If human touch handle, the mower stop and cutting automatically shuts off in one second)
Rain sensor INCLUDED
Bumper sensor INCLUDED
Color Green
Size, LxWxH 60*42*29cm (24*16*11 inch)
Input voltage AC100~240V
Charger output voltage DC 15-30V 2A
Coverage 1800m2 20% (0.5 acre)
Maximum ambient temperature 50℃ (122F)
Waterproof IPX-6
Remote control max. distance 20m (800 inch)
Battery (Option one or two) Ni-MH 19.2V 3000mA
Charging time 1.5-2h or (*2)
Working time 3h
Power consumption 30W
Cutting height, Min-Max, approximate 2-7cm (0.8-2.8 inch)
Cutting width 19cm (7.6 inch)
Cutting Motor BLDC
Blades rotate speed 3500RPM
Wheel motor BLDC
Moving speed 22m/min (866inch/min)
Noise Measured: 70dB (A), Guaranteed: 80dB (A)
Maximum incline within the working area 30
Infrared guidance effective distance 8m
Loop wire 150m (2 rolls)
Staples 165pcs
Nails 9pcs
Extra blades 10pcs
Package type Gift box
Inner package Polyfoam
Unit weight 23kg
Net/Gross weight 24kgs/25kgs
Gift box dimension 62.5*44.5*32cm
Certification CE, RoHS, EMC, PaHS