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DreamVision Speed Dome Camera D-LSP692X18C

$659 RRP (Inc-GST)

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Product Information

Sony FCB-EX45cp 18Xzoom Colour

Outdoor high speed dome.

Pan range:360║Continue;Tilt range:0║~90║Flip

Preset point:128;speed:400║/S;accuracy:▒0.10║

Privacy&Sector label display:8 Programmable Zones

Authorization of operator programming

Alarm in Programming:8;

Alarm out Programming:2

Intelligent power off real time memory

OSD;Auto Scan;High efficent 3-dimension scan

IP66;Built-in heater,Working in:-20║c~60║c

Size:Ǿ214x238mm(288mm with bracket);Weight:7.5kg


Basic Features: Operation crosshair function

Pan and Tilt position display

Recall Function

PTZ Tours (Pattern)

High efficient 3-dimension scan

Long-focus speed-limited>

Intelligent power off real time memory

Home position

Endless Manual operation
Pan/Tilt Range: Pan:360░ Continue; Tilt: 0░ ~90░ Flip
Manual Speed Pan/Tilt: Pan: 0.1 ~ 300░ /Sec; Tilt: 0.1 ~ 120░ / Sec
Preset: Speed : 400░ /Sec; Accuracy : ▒ 0.10░ ; Points: 128
Operator Authorization: Authorization of operator programming
Programming: 8 Assignments programming; Power ON/OFF and Mode setup;8 Alarm inputs; 2 Alarm outputs
Temperature Setup And Display: Temperature alarm,notice label display and temperature display on screen
Vector Scan Groups: 6 Programmable (Dwell time speed preset point and embed other vector scan or PTZ tours)
Auto Scan: with smart programmable variable speed
Communication: RS485(+/-)