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DreamBook Touch Screen Kit

$84 RRP (Inc-GST)


Product Information

The DreamBook Touch Screen Kit uses Ultrasound and Infrared technologies, consists of ultrasonic digital stylus and a small receiving unit. This device is designed for Windows 8 / 7, enables all non-touch Laptop screens with touch features.


System Requirements o Microsoft Windows 8 / 7
o 1 x USB Port
Features & Benefits o The DreamBook Touch Screen kit operates as Touch [and Multi Touch screen digitizer]. With this device the user can make his Laptop screen act as touch screen with the abilities of touch functions.
Components o Cordless electronic pen, including special refill and batteries
o Detachable base unit
o USB cable connection to PC
Specifications Technology: Ultrasonic and Infrared
Coverage area: up to 17.3" (MAX), 23" coming soon
Resolution: 100 DPI
Accuracy: 0.2mm
Communication: USB 2.0 Full Speed
USB Cable
Power Source:
o Pen: 2 x SR41 batteries
o Pen Battery Life Time: 500 hours of continues writing/hovering. (The ratio of the pen's working and standby time is 1:9)
Note: Lifetime of the batteries may vary and cannot be guaranteed
Standards: FCC/CE
Platform support: Windows 8
Sampling rate: 58 samples/second
Power consumption:
o Pen Down / Hovering 440uA for full battery, 480uA for low battery (< 3.0v)
o Pen Up: 12A
Base unit:
o Connected : 20mA
Operating Temperature: +10c to +35c.
Storage Temperature: -10c to + 50c.
Operation Relative Humidity Range: 20% 80 % (40c).
Storage Relative Humidity Range: 20% 80 % (40c).
Size: L * W * H: 68.01*26.32*7.70 (mm)
Weight: about 9gm
Color: Black.