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DreamMicro CryptoCurrency Mining HPC 6X

$5,899 RRP (Inc-GST)

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Product Information

Quad Core Processor
4G HighSpeed Memory
1320W/1350W Power
Intelligent fan system
Automatic recovery
The call starts automatically
Dual Gigabit Ethernet card
Removable dust filter
Windows/Linux Ubuntu support


ETH 156Mh /s & DCR 3000Mh/s Dualminer
Upper wall power consumption 1050W
Caculation Capacity will be difference based on different software using together with machine.
Please be kindly informed.

- 156Mh/s Ethereum(ETH) Ethash Algorithm
- 1560 h/s Zcash(ZEC) Equihash Algorithm
- 3960 h/s Monero(XMR) CryptoNight Algorithm
- 9600 Mh/s Decred(DCR) Blake (14r) Algorithm
- 31.8 Mh/s Sibcoin(SIB) X11Gost Algorithm
- 3360 Mh/s Pascalcoin(PASC) Pascal Algorithm
- 480 Mh/s LBRY(LBC) LBRY Algorithm
Crash recovery automatically Crash, blue screen, system card death
Auto restart in one minute
System horn prompt boot
Light on instruction Board After startup, the software of the mine machine starts automatically, and the Run lights are activated automatically. Through the Run lights, the whole machine state can be quickly understood, and more practical functions can be acquired in upgrading the software.
Real-time display of each network port to receive and receive state, quickly determine the network connection state
Start the machine with the PWR light, the boot is bright, the blue light distance marks the server's boot state
Hard disk instruction light, mineral soft normal running will do regular flashing, can indicate the operating state of the mining machine software
Intelligent fan system The card fan can adjust the speed to prolong life according to the Target Temp index
The fan is intelligently adjusted to the speed of the fan based on the developing temperature of the card to obtain the balance of noise and efficiency.
All air cooling design Design for uninterrupted operation of products.
Ensure that every key point is not consumed by overheating over the long term.
No matter the line body, the power interface, the hard disk or the main board or even the power itself, it is covered by the air duct.
Three points structure fixed Three point fixed card fixed
Global seismic design
Eliminate the possibility of PCIE connector disengagement
Cable cluster locking
Reduce the hidden danger of virtual connection
Dual Gigabit Redundancy Double gigabit network card design,
main network card is damaged,
secondary network card can quickly
replace access, also can set different uses,
one as output, one for remote management.
Different usage, let you choose.
Dust filter system Magnetic suction filter system for large batch and rapid dismantling design,It is made up of a magnetic suction bar and a sponge.No screw disassembly, can achieve a large batch of operation of a person to dismantle, a minute to remove more than N.
The dust filter sponge can be cleaned and re used, but because the cleaning will reduce the filter, it is not recommended that the number of cleaning more than five times. Low cost can be discarded materials and can be selected online.
Dust filter size 360x120x3mm, material property 50ppi, can filter most dust. The dual color magnetic strip can indicate the replacement period, which is convenient for management.
Unattended Operation - Auto-start
At any time, the call is monitored, the call is automatically started, and the manual intervention is not necessary to filter the wrong action of the caller.
- Batch startup
The packets into the system countdown time, when the power is restored, without manual, can be realized, with large quantities of the server, and reduce power transformer on impact.
In the intelligent fan mode The noise of one meter is only 67.3db
I/O ports 2x USB3.0Ultra high speed interface,compatible with USB 2.0 Agreement
4x USB2.0 High speed interface,compatible with USB 1.0 Agreement
2x gigabit lan, RJ45port
A CMOS Clear button for cleaning BIOS
O/S Support Linux Ubuntu
Windows®10 (64-bit)