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Pioneer Drone Defence System Introduction

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Product Information

This is an electronic countermeasures system which prevents drones from flying into or close to a protected location by disrupting its command and navigation radio transmissions; in any weather, day or night. It can be configured horizontally or vertically de pending on the operational requirements.

As a system it uses multiple low-powered radio transmitters which are strategically placed around the protected site. When acti vated, they transmit a signal which is designed to overwhelm the drone’s radio transmissions. This breaks the control and video link bet ween the drone and its operator.

Fully programmable and can be activated via a suite of sensors or human input.

Key Features:
• Electronic fence to stop drones
• No impact on other devices
• Creates a ‘roof’ over facility
• Defeats drone swarms
• Disrupts command and navigation frequencies
• Scalable, to cover any size site

Case Study – Guernsey Prison
In the summer of 2017 Guernsey Prison in the Channel Islands, UK installed the anti-drone system to prevent drones from smuggling drugs, phones and weapons into the prison. This prison will be the first in the world to have a automatic drone defence system.
When a drone approaches the prison, it is detected by a radio frequency sensor and then the system is automatically activated. This creates an invisible wall to prevent the drone from crossing the perimeter; an effective No Drone Zone over the prison.

Benefits of the Drone Defence System:
• Scalable - The system is infinitely scalable to match the perimeter size of any installation
• Automatic - Fully automatic 'Detect, Decide & Effect’ function means no human input required
• Integrated - Can be integrated into existing Security Management System
• Monitored & Updated - If required the system can be remotely monitored and updated to ensure optimal effectiveness
• Fully Supported - Service, Maintenance and Software Plan options available
• Multi-Sensory - It uses multiple passive technologies to detect drones
• Versatile - Can be used to protect a range of fixed installations which need persistent drone defence
• Plug & Play - Can be a ‘bolt-on’ addition to your existing security network
• Cost Effective - Unrivalled performance for the price
• Future-Proof - Regular updates to ensure operational effectiveness
• Modular - When required, upgrades are easily integrated
• Impact-less - Has no effect on internal or external communication systems
• Effective - Will detect and stop 99% of drones & controllers
• Localised Effect - Highly precise
• Protective ‘Roof’ – When in Vertical Mode ensures drones can’t drop down into facility