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Pioneer Library RFID Self-Check Kiosk A8

$0 RRP (Inc-GST)


Product Information

Self-check is connected to the ILS / LMS of library via SIP2 or NCIP protocol, has functions of scanning, identifying, borrowing and returning the items which has pasted RFID tags on. It can help the library to improve the circulation rate of items and simplify the borrowing / returning process under the limited human resources condition, so as to improve the service quality of library readers and reduce the labor intensity of library staff.
Narrow Bezel, All-in-one large screen
Support for multiple authentication
With mood lighting, operation indicator
With tempered glass operating platform
Automatic electronic door printer Barrier-free X base
Support WIFI connection
Hand lift
Adjustable for height, the height of 700-850mm form table top to ground


Dimension: 1725~1875 mm * 496mm * 386mm (H*L*W)
Net weight: 40 kgs
Power: AC220V, 50HZ; Rated power. 130W
Working temperature: 0℃~50℃indoor
Relative humidity: 5%~95% indoor
Standard reader type: ISO15693 + ISO14443A
Material: Prime cold rolled steel sheet, Surface spray treatment
Screen: 32 inch vertical capacitive touch screen with 1920 * 1080 resolution ratio
Contrast ratio: 1500:1
IPC: i5 CPU, 8GB MEMORY / 512G SSD / 6 serial port 8USB, DC12V, Windows 10 Pro
Quality certificate: RCM / CCC / CE / FCC / ROHS / P65 / AS 1428.2