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DreamVision Pocket Pen Interactive Whiteboard

$785 RRP (Inc-GST)


Product Information

Interactive whiteboard is emerging as an important tool in the education and business presentation market. iPen is based on new technology, one step ahead of the interactive whiteboard. Imagine, as the tool is in the pen, how easy it is to carry around, move from classroom to classroom, without having to stick to one board. With the iPen, an interactive platform is created. You can alter the content of the file, write on screen, sketch on screen, position the cursor, select icon, adding flair to your presentation / teaching. All the required functions are managed by the iPen. There wont be any need to use the keyboard. The iPen is easy to install and user friendly. Presenter can start using with minimal training.


Specification: *USB 2.0 connection
*No extra DC power required
*<1.0 mW Red laser
*Optimized resolution:2000 x 1500
*Jittering:<3 pixels
*Data rate:25~35 points/sec
*Remote distance:>10m
*Projection or LCD screen size:>60''~200''
*Alignment error:<4 pixel full screen
*2 x AAA batteries
Packaging enclosure: Control pens/Packaging enclosure of the receiver, controlling pens /Receiver, connecting wire, battery 2 AAA X, nib protecting cover, service manual, convenient to make, urge CDs, application software, 180cm of USB,
Characteristic of the products: Carry and shake and accuse of infraredly and laserly far /Write, near the end to shake and accuse of /Write, analyze degree 2000 X 1500,RF 2.4GHz / 2.0 USB wireless to shake technology of accusing of, receive projection 60 size " ~120".AAA X 2 (more than 10 hours) /On/Off switch, save power consumptive handsome in appearance to accord with human engineering, correct and operate simple and fast easy to use, can collocate every document punishing, bulletin software easily.
Projector resolution: required 800 X600 or more
Adjusting time: 3 ~ 10 seconds
Adjusting degree: +/- 10 pixels
Working temperature: 0C to + 40C ( 41F to 95F)
Storage temperature: -20C to + 60C (-4F to 140F)
Humidity: Below 85% RH
Operating system: Windows XP / Vista
Dimension: Length:Control pens:166 ( W ) mm
Receiver:107.5 ( W ) mm

Width:Control pens:35 ( D ) mm
Receiver:57.66 ( D ) mm
Height:Control pens:29 ( H ) mm
Receiver:44 (H ) mm
Color: iPens:Black (Pantone Black-U)
Receiver:Silvery (Pantone 877C)
System Requirement: *USB 2.0(one free port)
*CPU 1.0 GHZ or better
*Memory 500 MB or better
*Video output resolution:1024 x 768 or better
*Front projector:1024 x 768 or better
*Compatible screen aspect ratio:
-And other standard aspect ratio
Presentation Comparison: 1) Overhead projector,using plastic slide:
-Speaker can sketch,write on the slide
-Speaker can remake on the slide
-Speaker can erase data on the slide

2) Front Projector:
-Speaker can't sketch,write on the slide
-Speaker can't remake on the slide
-Speaker can't erase on the slide

3) iPen:
-Speaker can sketch,write on the projection screen
-Speaker can remake on the projection screen
-Speaker can erase data on the projection screen

4) iBoard:
-Large size display to avoid ambient light
->50''plasma display
->50''TFT LCD display

Constitutions: *Sensor:
-Radiation Tracking
-Upstream port

*Wireless hand set:
-Radiation transmission
-Position remarking
-Remote sketch
-On screen writing
-Cursor button
-Mouse buttons
-Hot Keys(FS,PrtScn,F11)

Capabilities on Projection or LCD Screen: -Quick fully automated alignment
-Auto tracking
-Remote sketching
-On screen writing,sketching
-Icon selection
-Cursor movement

The advantages of iPen The Advantages of iPen over other competitors are very obvious.
1. Screen size is not limited to the sensor size. The specification for the screen is 100 and it is tested for 150 and beyond.
2.iPen has the only unique technology and design, presenter can do remote input without going back to the keyboard or screen to control or interact with the presentation material.
3.OART( Optical Alignment Radiation Tracking) is the technology used for iPen, the alignment can just take couple seconds to complete the alignment
4.OART has the simple mechanism to allow presenters aim the sensor to the screen without spending too much effort, just a click can finish the alignment

The market segment for iPen: 1.Education market
Y1~ Y12 classroom
School, College or University classroom
2.Training organization
3.Conference room
4.Medical review
5.Police department