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DreamVision Interactive Whiteboard 148"

$4,230 RRP (Inc-GST)


Product Information

Interactive Whiteboard (Also called Digital Interactive Whiteboard)is a combination of edge electronic technologies, software technologies and Internet technologies .This sensitive whiteboard can detect the information of writing position, and transit the information to the connected computer, combined with the image to project into the interactive whiteboard. With the electromagnetic sensing pen the users can directly control applications from whiteboard, write, edit or annotate on the surface.


Board size 3000 mm * 2256 mm
Board diagonal 148 inches
Active writing area 1432 mm * 1060 mm
Active diagonal 70 inches
Thickness Min.: 25mm Max.: 55 mm
Aspect ratio 4:3
Shipping (including 2 boxes) Dimension
Box 1: 1615*1255*165mm
Box 2: 1615*1255*165mm
Net weight
Box 1: 30.5 KG
Box 2: 37.6 KG
Gross weight
Box 1: 37.5 KG
Box 2: 44.6 KG
Technology Electromagnetic induction
Operating system Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
PC connection RS232-USB; wireless module
Resolution 81928192
Data transmission rate 19200 Baud Rate
USB power supply DC 5V, 100mA
Power consumption <2 W
-25 to 70
10% to 90% relative humidity (non-condensing)
-20 to +55
30% to 80% relative humidity (non-condensing)
SOFTWARE FEATURES Display 4 different pages simultaneously.
Switch the location of different pages easily.
Allow any separate page to be viewed in full.
Requires the use of only one projector.
Working Mode Control Mode/Windows Mode/Annotation Mode/Fullscreen Mode;
Writing & Drawing Normal pen, Transparent pen, Flat pen, Brush pen, Texture pen; pen's color and width can be customized;
Eraser 4 kinds of eraser are available;
Handwriting Recognition Draft writing can be recognized into text automatically;
Geometrics Recognition Draft drawing of geometrics can be recognized into standard shape;
Object Operation Object can be copied, cut, pasted, cloned, dragged, enlarged, lessened, rotated etc.;
Replay All writing & drawing on the board can be replayed at different speed;
Screen Recorder All operations on the board can be saved as the "AVI" format Video;
Network Function With a common server, many whiteboards in different locations can be connected together; contents reflected on the different boards will be uniform, and users can enjoy the on-line education and remote conference via this function;
Resource Abundant teaching resources are embedded in the software; users can also insert resources as per their need in teaching;
Others Print, Send Email, Export Image/ html/ resource, Hyperlink, Insert & Edit Text, Skin, Background, User Management, Shortcut, Color Spay, Beeline, Geometrics.
Screen Shade Cover contents on the board; drag in different direction; customized background
Move Page Extend the page, and move vertically
Magnifier Magnify image and content on the board clearly
Searchlight Highlight information on the board; shape and transparency can be changed
Camera Capture content on the board; 4 types are available;
Soft keyboard Used in text input and document saving
Calculator Standard & Scientific Calculator are available
Digital Clock For time reminding; Transparency & Size can be change; system clock, timing and countdown
Protractor Shape, unit, size, scale and transparency can be changed
Ruler Unit and transparency can be changed; can be rotated to different directions
Compass Two types of graphic: Arc & Sector
Electronic pen Specially designed for model WB-9000A-148, with 1.5V AAA batteries;
USB-RS232 cable 10 m
Wall-mount bracket Packing dimension: 1330*375*145 mm
Net weight: 27.8KG
Gross weight: 31.8KG