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DreamVision 8" Touch Screen TS8

$366 RRP (Inc-GST)



Display 8" Stand VGA with Touch Screen Panel
TFT LCD Panel: 4:3 Digital TFT LCD Display
High Resolution: 800XRGBX600
High Brightness: 300 cd/m2
High Contrast: 500:1
Wide visual angle: Up>700, Down> 700,Left>700,Right>700
Long Life back light: 》10000Hours
Range of working temperature: -30C~+80C
Touch Panel: Simulate Resistance touch panel with high Resolution 2048X2048
Long Life: 120000 times (touch)
High Euphotic Ratio: 》 85%
Connectors VGA port
Resolution Support multi-mode: 1024X768
Support SOG mode
Support non-standard mode, such as 800X480
Weight 0.8kg