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DreamVision PC Game Motion Controller V11

$131 RRP (Inc-GST)


Product Information

Playing WII-like games on Your PC and Notebook

First in Australia

3D motion sensing for 1:1 real time responses
- Experience realistic games play with embedded 3-axis accelerometer and 2-axis gyro

Ergonomic and transformer designs
- 5 modes in 1 without any additional add-ons. Simply twist to transform between game modes.

Versatile and compatible with all OS platforms (even Macs)
- Duo-function device: game controller and air mouse.

- No need to install or configure software for connecting the controller to a receiver.
- 2.4G wireless USB connection up to 10 meters.

Supports all PC games, no console required
- Our patented mapping tool can transform any PC game traditionally played with a keyboard and mouse into intense motion-packed experience.