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DreamMicro Super Computer

DreamMicro Super Computer T1000

Technically-leading interconnection equipment
It is furnished with the world-leading interconnection technology – InfiniBand. InfiniBand is a high-speed interconnection technology of industrial standards with a super-bandwidth of 40Gbps-56Gbps and an ultralow delay of less than 1µs. Coupled with the high-speed PCI-E bus technology of DreamMicro high-performance server nodes, it ensures the smoothness of system data exchange and hence gives full rein to the potentials of the processor.
Meanwhile, the system is also compatible with the conventional 1GbE and 10GbE technologies and offers greater flexibility for the user.

Diversified and flexible node options

Server nodes can be flexibly configured for different types of applications. The Intel® Xeon® processor with a high performance-price ratio can be adopted as the node processor which, coupled with the high bandwidth and the ultralow delay, is expected to elevate the peak computing ability and actual computing ability of the whole system to the top of its peer products.
T1000 offers a well-established active storage solution to the client. FC SAN, SCSI, IP SAN and various options are provided according to user application features so as to conveniently and flexibly satisfy the user’s demands for high-performance, high-reliability and high-capacity data storage.

Upward scalability to adapt to the future
Users’ needs for upward scalability are fully considered in the design of DreamMicro T1000. It is characterized by all-around design and planning in terms of expansion of data processing resources in node, network expansion of data sharing and transmission between nodes, performance and capacity expansion of data storage system, general system architecture and power supply. As such, its performance and scale expand in a harmonious scale and the early-stage investment and later-stage expansion match each other. Relying on our long-term project experiences, we offer each user with expert-level services and professional proposals and hence save every penny in the expansion costs of our users.

Easy management and extensive applications
DreamMicro TS monitoring system ClusterEngine collectively and remotely monitors and manages the software and hardware resources of the whole system, user group and application processes via a singular Web interface and it further provides multiple pre-alarm modes to report the system’s operating troubles in a timely manner. TS monitoring system supports multi-platform monitoring and management of nodes and displays information in a tabular and graphical manner. These features improve the manageability of the system and substantially reduce the complexity of administration for the system administrator.
DreamMicro T1000 not only has a well-established local clustering operation management and dispatching system, but also realizes the multi-cluster operation allocation across LANs and WANs via DreamMicro CROWN Virtual Cluster grid experimental environment and hence increases the utilization rate of resources.

Open and generic computing platform
DreamMicro T1000 high-performance server is furnished with standard, open and generic software, hardware and infrastructures so that the user can use it conveniently and develop its applications on its platform. Therefore, this platform is integrated with an excellent development and test environment for higher application efficiency and better transplantation. It is extensively applied in hydrodynamics, CAE simulation, finite element analysis and other scientific and engineering computing applications.
The software and hardware parts adopted for DreamMicro T1000 have all undergone stringent performance, stability and compatibility tests to ensure the system's compliance with industrial standards and openness requirements and provide a high-performance and high-reliability computing platform to the user.

DreamMicro HPC T2000

A well-balanced, scalable, and flexible system design capable of supporting both compute- and data-intensive workloads.

  • Scalable high performance computing solution for research
  • Accelerate discovery with Intel® Xeon Phi™ product family
  • Unlock your codes potential

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